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6 Healthier Habits To Squeeze In Your Lifestyle

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | July 30th, 2016

This isn’t one of those regular posts where you are instructed to hydrate, eat well and exercise with a list of benefits. These tips are way more do-able than any of you can imagine. Obviously, by eating healthy and including Healthy Habits into your routine is a plus. Here are some of the best easy-to-do tips that will make you eat and feel healthier and super active.

1-  Say No To Stress

While some of us are blessed with a great carefree attitude towards stress, others might take it too seriously. Your stress levels open the gateways to many diseases and distresses in your body. Hair fall, acne, marks, dry skin is some of the regulars that we face and it is all due to stress. Firstly, know that by over thinking, you may no longer be able to solve a thing. Take a moment out of your routine, relax and breathe easy. Try coming up with logical reasoning, organize, walk it out and sleep on it.

2-  Meditate Often

Another Healthy Habits is that you meditate. Though physical exercise is for the body, meditating is the exercise for the mind. You can relax and think of various ways and options while you meditate. Some people recommend that the best time for it is just before you hit the bed. You can meditate for a few minutes and cut the cord which means no social media, no texts just some essential sleep in the night.

3-  Be Productive

Productivity means that you have to be useful. This doesn’t technically mean that you have to be busy at every hour of the day. Set realistic goals that will help you accomplish something in the long run. Build your vocabulary, read and write a journal of your own, walk to work, build something, and create lists and organize your drawers and closets.

4-  No To Tech

Allocate 2 hours a day where you will watch no TV, text on one, scroll through no Newsfeed. Just be by yourself. The best way to consume this time is to either hit the gym or take a walk. You even might want to take a vacation at this point. Once every few months or annually maybe try to take a road trip somewhere just to unwind. This will definitely replenish the mind and it will work better and faster next time.

5-  Sitting Idle

This is a definite NO. If you’re a working person then it is usually considered that you will be behind the desk for 8 hours sitting in a chair. Take your work to the next level by varying this up. Walk around and interact, try to move more. If this is the need of the job, then get a bicycle or walk your way to and from work to reduce the idle statistic.

6-  Munch On Snacks

Get yourself some healthy bites, and no we don’t mean that you will get some granola or oatmeal bars. This should include veggies and fruits, smoothies and juices and soups as well. You need to keep your diet in focus. Even if you have put on some weight, never go for crash dieting as it will do you more harm than good.

Amp up your lifestyle and try these simple 6 Healthy Habits for two weeks and witness the absolute change that you will feel in your mind and body.

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