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Bad Breath: Reasons Why Girls Avoid Going on a Date with You

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“A Kiss Is a Secret Told To the Mouth with Exchange of Breath, As It Is a Messenger of Tenderness and Love”

Have you ever wondered why girls avoid going out with you or normally avoid talking to you? Even when you get a date, do they avoid kissing you at the end of the day? Then my friend you have a serious dental problem that may stick with you for a long time unless you do something about it.

Bad breath is one of the most common problems in teenage and adult boys as well as girls. Almost everyone no matter what age has bad breath. It might be a short-term problem or in other cases a persistent one. A fact is that around 50% have ‘halitosis’. Even brushing and flossing regularly will not help you get rid of this problem. In most cases, halitosis is the result of tongue and unhealthy gums . . . not teeth!


A dead giveaway of bad breath is when people avoid you when you pass them. You will notice that your friends circle will become small, especially with girls. So before you step out every morning, exhale in your cupped hand and smell your own breath. This method sometimes work and sometimes it does not. Another way to find out if you have bad breath is to lick your hand. Let saliva dry and then smell that area. Whatever you smell, that is your true breath.

So the question remains, how is bad breath caused?

Morning Bad Breath: Normally occurs if you eat something that has too much onion or garlic.

Bits of Food: Bad breath due to food that gets stuck in between the gaps of your teeth or in your gums

After Breath: Too much alcohol drinking and smoking pipes

Infection Bad Breath: When you are ill and taking lots of medicine

In all scenarios, your gums get a disease which often turns them black and this is from where the bad breath occurs. In scientific terms, a bacterium builds on the tongue and between the teeth where it breeds and reaches the cavities.

Although there are many ways to avoid bad breath but they will not come to fruition until and unless you visit your dentist once in six months. Following are some ways on how you can control your bad breath:

Oral Hygiene

  • Try brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal
  • Brush for at least two minutes
  • Use a brush that will help you get rid of the bacteria on your cheeks, tongue and the rooftop of your mouth
  • Use a tongue scraper
  • Flossing removes plaque, bacteria and food particles, which get stuck in your teeth


Contact an orthodontist and get a retainer. This will help you keep your teeth clean at all times

Sugar Free Gum

A sugar free gum stimulates saliva, and cleans the gums and teeth hence preventing dry mouth

Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash

Gargle mint mouthwash twice a day as it kills all the bad breath bacteria

The most important thing is to avoid smoking or eating betel, tobacco and other tobacco related products such as nicotine, cigars, pipes etc.

Making an appointment with your dentist once every six months will help you eliminate halitosis. This is how you can save yourself from all those “close encounters”, which may lead to an embarrassing situation.

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