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By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | September 30th, 2015

Oral hygiene is an essential part of each of our lives. Although we tend to ignore the vitality of oral hygiene, it’s a given that it is always there. It is essential that you regularly visit your dentist for the bacterial build-up in your mouth is a gradual process. It accumulates over time and then becomes a cause for various dental problems such as bleeding and inflammation in the gums, bad breath, discoloration of teeth, etc.

Being a gateway to the inside of our body, the mouth has an important role to play. Its cleanliness always has the utmost importance. A germ infected mouth may lead to various stomach related diseases. Also, it leads to inflammation of the gums. This in turn leads to various other chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Diabetes, and various heart diseases.

Keeping your mouth healthy and hygienic is also important because it helps you look more attractive. A pearly white smile is said to be the best thing someone could wear. Self-conscious people often spend a lot on their looks and clothing etc. but tend to forget about their oral hygiene. This is mainly due to the fact that germ build-up is a slow process and takes some time to cause an effect on the person. In order to avoid all this, a person just needs to inculcate a few regular activities in their lifestyle. These are brushing twice a day, every day, flossing after every meal, and regular visits to their dentist. If all these are a regular in your life then you will most likely have no oral issues in a long time. However, people out there 6tend to face some oral problems and have figured out a short-term solution to them as well.

Stained teeth

Drinking a lot of coffee or wine along with smoking can cause discoloration of teeth. This looks very unattractive and frankly quite ugly on a person’s face. You can however get your teeth whitened by your dentist. Teeth’s whitening is a short-term process and lasts for a few months only.

teeth-whitening (1)

Missing teeth

Old age is more than often associated with missing and / or broken teeth. To overcome this dental issue people have devised dentures and prosthetic teeth made of polymethyl methacrylate acrylic (PMMA). They are fixed in such a manner that nobody knows whether you have dentures or not. It is a short-term solution to this problem, however if you want to avoid broken teeth then oral hygiene maintenance is of high importance.

Bleeding and inflammation in the gums

Inflammation of the gums is usually caused by bacterial infections. This happens when one does not brush and floss regularly and little bits of food get stuck between the teeth. This in turn welcomes a bacterial attack to the blood vessels in the teeth. These in turn, sometimes cause the gums to either bleed or swell up. Either way, the pain is excruciating and should be avoided. This is a slow process and to counteract it you need constant oral cleansing. The use of a mouthwash is recommended.

Woman teeth

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