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Dental Tips for Looking Younger

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | August 15th, 2015

Your mouth is a lot more than a pretty smile you display. It is a gateway that shows the overall health of the person. When the gateway is kept clean, it gives a healthier effect and makes a person look younger. Straight and white teeth show a young look, whereas missing, worn, discolored and crooked smile gives an aged look.

Here are two simple, practical and proven steps that can give you a youthful healthy mouth:

  1. Visit a dentist every six months
  2. Floss and brush your teeth daily

It is important that people take out time to floss and brush their teeth on daily occasions. Visiting a dentist, flossing and brushing teeth are easy things to follow up. It is advised for everyone and they are not expensive options either.


So why stop yourself?

People do not look after their oral health. It is something most of the people neglect. Smile is the priority of many as they take their looks very seriously. But people do not worry about their teeth and their gums. While flossing seems a difficult habit, brushing takes a lot of time. There are just 25% of the people who understand and do flossing. The other 75% of people are just riding the horse, crunching for their time.

Aside from the younger look teeth can give, there are other reasons as well that make dental care an important aspect.

–          Inflammation

Inflammation happens when the debris (small bits of food) and bacteria enter the blood vessels of the teeth. Inflammation occurs as a chemical response of the body towards such harmful invaders. If inflammation takes over and over again, it could lead to a chronic and long term inflammation which is not good for the health. High level of inflammation present in the body is due to mouth problems. The chronic diseases that are caused due to chronic inflammation are:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease

The diseases can either be caused by inflammation or start the involvement of them. Either way, none of this is a good sign.

–          Periodontal disease

80% of just Americans are victims on the periodontal disease. The cause of this disease is the buildup of extensive bacterial on the teeth and gums. It also leads to tooth loss. The periodontal disease, tooth decay, inflammation and bacterial buildup always happen slowly and quietly. This is why a lot of people are not aware when they take place. Flossing and brushing correctly and consistently reduce the plaque or bacteria buildup.

–          Stained Teeth

Drinking coffee and win along with smoking cause stains to the teeth, giving them an old look. A lot of people go for tooth whitening to counter their teeth which makes to feel and look younger. However, the temporary artificial whitening just improves the smile for time being. For a long lasting effect, routine dental care, flossing and brushing teeth is essential.


Now you know how and why taking care of teeth is important. Make sure you follow these easy tips for a young look and lovely smile.


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