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Importance of Saving a Tooth

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In a recent poll, 24% of millennials indicated their natural teeth were the feature of their body they most like to keep as they age. You can accomplish this objective with the support of a good dental care regimen.

You may look and feel terrific for the duration of your life by developing good habits while you’re younger. This holds for your dental health as well. By practicing good oral hygiene, you may help keep your smile dazzling for decades to come.


What are some common causes for losing your natural teeth?


Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease, is the most frequent reason for natural tooth loss. Infection and bacteria in the gums are the first signs of gum disease. Once the gum layers and possibly even the jawbone beneath them are destroyed, there is no longer any stability for the teeth. Your natural teeth start to fall out as a result.


Cavities or dental caries are the second most common reason for losing natural teeth. Plaque accumulation on your teeth is the leading cause of tooth decay. The chemical in plaque progressively begins to damage the enamel of your teeth as it adheres to them. You start to experience tooth decay as the enamel on your teeth deteriorates.


A root canal is frequently workable to preserve the tooth and avoid extraction. Tooth extraction is typically necessary when there are severe problems with the teeth, and a root canal can’t save it. Before carrying out any tooth extraction, the doctor will often try to preserve the tooth.


Are you still unsure of the benefits of saving a tooth? Here are five justifications that explain why this is among the essential expenditures you can undertake.


Ease in Eating:

Beyond what is initially apparent, there is more to your smile. Did you realize that your digestive tract starts in your mouth? It is real! Every tooth is shaped differently to aid in efficient chewing and to bite. Your teeth will shred your food into tiny chunks to make it simpler to swallow, which makes them simpler to digest.


Enjoying your favorite dishes may become challenging without your natural teeth. Because of this, it’s critical to take the best treatment for them and keep them safe for as long as possible.


Preserve Your Facial Features:

The natural teeth’ strong roots firmly support the molars in your jaw. Those tooth roots strengthen and keep your jaw while you eat. Your teeth contribute significantly to the overall shape of your face in this way. Your face appears symmetrical and harmonious when in position and excellent condition.


On the contrary, anything that makes your teeth shorter, such as frequent biting, can make your face asymmetrical. Other problems, including a sinking bite, might cause your jaw to extend forward, producing the impression of a hollowed-out look.


Saving natural teeth is cost-effective:

You must be aware of the proverb “an ounce of prevention”! When you’re young, and your gums and teeth are healthy, you may well not give cleaning and flossing much thought. But now is the ideal moment to concentrate on those behaviors!


While removing a tooth might appear preferable and less expensive than getting a root canal, there may be additional complications. When a tooth is extracted from the mouth, it may affect the alignment of surrounding teeth, which may shift. Having those teeth missing can make it difficult for you to bite and chew meals properly. To restore the complete function of your mouth, you frequently need further surgeries like a dental bridge or possibly a denture. Especially compared to a root canal, tooth extractions can be more expensive in the long run.


Minimal Pain

A root canal causes less discomfort because the teeth will be pain-free when the pulp is gone. Although there won’t be any discomfort, the tooth will still be capable of functioning. If the patient does experience discomfort, it can be treated with painkillers. More extensive tooth removal may cause excruciating agony. The patient will frequently be given pharmaceutical medicine to lessen the pain following a root canal. Since a root canal is a safer operation than a tooth extraction, it is commonly performed. When the contaminated tooth is removed, you could contract an inflammation that expands across your body.


Consider getting a second perspective if you find yourself in a position where tooth removal has been suggested as a possible course of action. Root canal surgery may be an alternative to preserve your natural tooth and the functionality of your face. You may take charge of your oral hygiene with the assistance of our team, setting yourself up for success in the future. Contact Long Ridge Dental now!

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