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The Importance of Gum Health for Your Child

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Our attention is frequently drawn to our teeth when we consider dental hygiene. But that just tells part of the tale. Gum health is a crucial component of dental and periodontal hygiene and can have a big impact on your body’s general health.  Gum disease is a dangerous gum infection that can ruin the jawline in addition to harming the gums. Although periodontitis is a prevalent oral health condition, it is luckily one that is largely avoidable.

Since poor dental health is a contributing factor to gum disease, you should consider your child to be suffering from it if they have persistent bad breath. Appropriate dental care is essential for preventing gum disease because it can result in dental decay. However, because periodontitis is indeed a potential risk for respiratory illnesses, you shouldn’t assume that treating the condition is as simple as masking bad breath or giving your teeth a fast cleanup.

What are the symptoms of Gum Disease?

Being parents, we understand your desire for the finest provisions for your kid. For this reason, we have compiled a short list of signs to watch out for if you think your child may have gum disease. Possible signs of periodontitis are:

  • Inflamed or swollen gums.
  • Gums that is bright, dark, or purple.
  • If brushing, the gums feel sore.
  • Bluish gums
  • Coughing up blood while brushing/cleaning your teeth

Considering the possible symptoms of periodontitis, it is undeniable that a whole lot of advantages can result from maintaining proper oral hygiene for yourself and your kids.

Here is a list of reasons why maintaining gum health is important for your children:

Prevents Tooth Decay in Children

Starting well before baby teeth emerge within the mouth, you can ensure that your kid has good teeth and gums. Maintaining your kid’s gums in good condition from birth will help avoid or minimize the risk of tooth sensitivity (dental caries) in youngsters. Milk still naturally contains sugar that might drive the oral bacteria into dental decay, even while your child is now only ingesting breast milk, infant formula, or freshwater during the first few months, those are all massively important sources of vitamins and minerals and wellness for your children.

The teeth are held in place by them!

Regardless of how well-maintained your child’s foremost or everlasting teeth are, they must be supported by strong gums. The more delicate tissue beneath your teeth is shielded by your gums, which act as a barrier. So, sure, you must maintain your child’s dental hygiene. Isolated pockets develop gradually on gum tissue that has germs on them, giving plaque additional places to hide. The exposures of teeth due to the ongoing degradation of the gum tissues increase the risk of infections and potentially tooth loss.

Gum inflammation is less likely with healthy teeth

Teething may be made more unpleasant by swollen gums, which can be sensitive or unpleasant. Any pain brought on by teething can be relieved with a cold towel or tooth wipe. Cleansing your child’s gums will allow you to examine the mouth and gums for just any odd spots or variations in the look that might indicate the necessity for a dental checkup. Early dental treatment will also assist your kid get by cleaning and feeling a lot more comfortable doing once the teeth begin to sprout. When your child’s teeth begin to emerge, you must use a little toothbrush and a dab of fluoridated toothpaste twice each day. To maintain your child’s dental health, make sure to continue cleaning more than just the teeth.

Gum hygiene may reduce heart disease risk

Gum disease is a risk indicator for coronary heart and strokes, among another cardiac diseases. According to studies, cardiac health is generally predicted by gum health. The reason for this is unclear to experts, and there has long been disagreement over the connection. What is undeniable, though, is that people who have had a heart problem also frequently have dental problems. Therefore, maintaining your child’s gum health from an early stage would prevent either of these problems from happening.

Optimum Gums Protect Your Entire Body

Whenever your and your kid’s gums are swollen, dental bacteria can enter your circulation, making your system more vulnerable to bacterial infections. Even chronic pain and dental problems have been linked by research. Using an antibacterial toothpaste and mouthwash might help decrease the number of oral bacteria, lowering your risk of developing gingivitis and perhaps maintaining your general health. An effective oral hygiene regimen can lower the chance of getting an infectious disease that causes further difficulties in your child’s health.

It’s critical to intervene if you suspect you, your kids, or a family member may be suffering from periodontitis. Along with following a normal oral care routine, it’s important to keep up with frequent dental examinations and appointments every 6 months, or earlier if there is indeed a potential issue. To save both primary dentition teeth, we advise such procedures.

At Long Ridge Dental, we ensure that our office serves as the “dental home,” a location in which you can seek solutions to all of your dental concerns and learn about your children’s success and advancement. We put a greater emphasis on caries prevention and provide referrals when needed. Additionally, we acquaint your kid with the dentist clinic in case you ever need urgent dental care. Our top goal is your kid’s comfort; therefore, we work to deliver our programs in a welcoming setting that helps your kid feel safe and develop a rapport with all of us.

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