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A few Steps to a Better Smile!

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | May 30th, 2015

Everyone loves to smile. But, some people have to hide their smile because of poor oral hygiene. However, we all know that a bright and white smile can make you look younger and more attractive. So, if you are one of those people who love to smile, and have an appealing smile, but have to hide it because of your oral health, then we are going to give you 7 simple steps for a better smile.

  • Brush on a regular basis: we all were taught to brush our teeth twice a day at childhood. What most people do not know is that in order to keep your teeth white, healthy and strong, you need to brush for full 2 minutes. Brushing regularly removes the food particles, on which the bacteria feed. Clean teeth are a gateway to a fresher breath. Use electronic toothbrush as they are built with a timer for 2 minutes.
  • Floss daily: flossing removes the bacteria between the teeth; these are the places where the toothbrush is hard to reach. Be sure to floss before bedtime as it is more beneficial.
  • Visit your dentist: always visit your dentist twice yearly for a thorough dental cleaning. Your doctor can easily detect any early signs of gum disease, which is easier to treat if caught early.


  • Eat a healthy and nutritional diet: a diet rich in calcium is very important for healthier teeth and gums. Include a lot of dairy products. Also, use Vitamin C as they boost gum health.
  • Do not smoke: smokers are more likely to get gum diseases then non-smokers. Tobacco causes bad breath, and increases the risk of oral cancer.
  • Whiten teeth: although this only contributes to cosmetic beauty, but if you want to smile without the embarrassment of having yellow teeth, go for teeth whitening.  There are many over-the-counter products for minor staining. But, if your teeth are severely yellow, go for professional help. Before, commencing with any procedure, have a proper dental check-up for any upcoming signs of gums or dental problem.



  • Consider cosmetic procedure: the first thing a person notices when you smile is your teeth. Now, imagine your teeth are crocked and misaligned, how will you feel? So, if your teeth are not in their proper order, go for professional help. You can go for veneers or orthodontics or many other cosmetic procedures for straightening your teeth.

However, most dental procedures are not covered by the insurance, and thus can proof costly. Prior, to any cosmetic treatment, consult with your dentist. So, if you follow the above 7 steps regularly, you can smile as much as you can without worrying about your oral health.

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