Sedation Dentistry



Oral sedation is helpful for treating patients with dental fears. Rather than the patients suffering from poor dental condition, we give them a risk-free solution of oral sedation, a solution which has no side-effects.


Although available for both adults and children, this procedure is recommended for patients with dental anxiety or for patients that are very young or have special needs.


Rather than letting your children or yourself suffer from infection, tooth pain, damage to teeth, or swelling, which might in turn prove to be life threatening and cause hospitalization from a dental infection due to non-treatment, contact our office without any hesitation to discuss oral sedation procedure possibilities.


Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”)


To help release the anxiety, Long Ridge Dental Group offers Nitrous Oxide (commonly known as “Laughing Gas”. This also enables our patients to feel more comfortable with dental procedures. The use of Nitrous Oxide by dentists as an anesthesia exceeds over 150 years. It is popular due to the following advantages it offers:


  • You will not suffer from any after effects, or “hang overs.”
  • You can drive after your appointment.
  • The intensity of sedation can be varied.
  • It does not have any risks of side effects on your heart or lungs, etc.
  • Effective and efficient, it takes as little as 2-3 minutes to have an effect on you and make you feel relaxed an in instant.


Common feelings after consuming Nitrous Oxide include:


  • A warm feeling inside
  • A tingling sensation
  • Drowsiness


You can contact us today and let us know if you are fascinated by the use of Nitrous Oxide during your dental appointment.


General Anesthesia


Alternatively, you can also use general anesthesia if you feel your children with serious dental requirements are completely uncomfortable or afraid. General anesthesia can also be given to children who are too young to understand how to cope in a cooperative fashion. It can also come in handy for children who require substantial surgical treatments.