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Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | November 30th, 2015

Mouth is the most important part of your face – nobody likes to sit near someone with bad breath or talk to someone that has pale, crooked teeth. There is much more to do than merely rinsing your mouth with mouthwash or squeezing in some toothpaste on your teeth. Bad oral hygiene smashes up your overall personality, which is why taking care of your mouth is crucial for being more presentable and healthier.

Given below are some tips that you can add to your routine in order to maintain a healthier and happier mouth.

  • Be at Peace

It is surprising how staying happy is directly proportional to your whole body. According to a research, almost all of our dental miseries are a result of stress. Being tensed all the time weakens your immune system, which ultimately makes your body vulnerable to infections. Since your mouth always has more chances of welcoming new germs and bacteria, stress triggers your body to go on fight or flight response, which thwarts saliva production in your mouth. Less saliva means more germs, more acid and even more chances of cavities.

  • Clean Like You Mean It

Cleaning or washing your mouth does not necessarily means your duty is over after brushing your teeth – there is a lot more to it than you think. Flossing your teeth along with brushing them regularly is healthy for your whole mouth. But doing it erroneously can damage your gums. Using a freshly unrolled section of dental floss for each tooth is important to avoid plaque. Likewise, including toothpaste that contains fluoride is healthier for your mouth.

Cleaning also includes washing your mouth with water whenever you get a chance. Always sip some water after each meal and swill it around your mouth to get rid of any remaining food particles that may greet bacteria.


  • Visit Your Dentist

Majority of us don’t pay a visit to our dentist unless our tooth is acting up or our gums are bleeding. Visiting your dentist and keeping a track of your oral hygiene is imperative in order to live with a perfect mouth. Checking up with your dentist can prevent you from having problems like trauma, tooth decay, cancer, gum diseases or any other oral abnormalities.


  • Say Bye Bye to Sweets and Sodas

Other preventions include staying away from soda drinks. Can soda may taste tempting but consuming too much of soda means having too much phosphoric acid, which results in cavities and gradually softens your tooth enamel. Same goes for sugar – too much sugar consumption is the major criminal why your teeth start to decay. It produces plaque in your mouth that deteriorates your gums and enamel. Try to cut down your sugar intake by turning more towards healthy meals.

Even if you end up eating sugary food – floss and brush your teeth to prevent any damage. Gargle with your favorite mouthwash every night before going to bed.


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