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Top Foods That Can Damage your Teeth

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | July 5th, 2015

Strong and healthy teeth matters a lot. Your oral health is related to your over-all health as well. Many of us are not aware of this. Bad teeth or oral problems are not the only problems that may occur due to poor oral hygiene, but severe decay of teeth can cause many other health problems.

In order to stay healthy, we must take care of our oral health. In this article, we are going to look at top foods that can damage your teeth, and we should clearly avoid them

  • Eating a lot of hard candies can be harmful for your teeth: although they seem harmless, but the content of sugar it contains is not good for the teeth. Also, eating too much of these can cause a dental emergency like a broken or a chipped teeth.


  • Remember, ice is for chilling, not chewing: chewing ice can damage the tooth enamel. Many people think ice is just a form of water, and does not contain any sugar etc… but, chewing any hard substances is not good for your teeth.


  • Watch your Citric Intake: too much of citrus can erode our enamel in a short period of time. Therefore, it is important not to consume too much of citric foods, or if you do, drink plenty of plain water to neutralize the acidic effects. Citrus in the mouth can hurt the mouth sores
  • Too much of caffeine is bad for you: although in their natural form, they won’t cause any harm, but adding sugar is bad for your teeth and gums. Caffeinated coffee and tea can cause dryness of your mouth, plus they stain your teeth so badly. If you want to drink caffeinated drinks, make sure to consume a glass of plain water later.


  • Sticky foods? A big No! Dried nuts are healthy no doubt about that, but most of them are sticky and these are not at all good for your teeth. These sticky foods tend to stay on your teeth. After a snack of dried foods, rinse your teeth, brush and floss.
  • Avoid foods that go ‘crunch’ : yes I know, all of us love potato chips, however, people should take extra care because potato chips contains starch, that gets stuck in your teeth, thereby causing plaque build-up. If you can, try to floss and brush your teeth immediately after eating a potato chips snack.
  • Swap out soda with water: soda contains acid and a lot of sugar. By now, we all are aware that acidic and sugary items are a big NO for everyone. Acidic foods cause dental decay, and sugar can accumulate in your teeth causing plaque formation.
  • Watch out for the sports drinks: sports drink sounds healthy, doesn’t it? They are, but, did you know the top ingredient in most of these drinks is sugar? It is always better to drink plain cold water.

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