Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental Fillings

We provide dental fillings when during a routine check-up we discover a tooth in a bad condition due to decay caused by a cavity. This normally results in a cracked tooth surface or a chip in the tooth. This has to be fixed through dental fillings. Such tooth decay effects are normally not visible to the patient. 

For the patient’s convenience and pain-free experience, we can accurately detect the growth of cavities by using a hand-held laser.

By using tooth-colored mercury-free filling materials and amalgam restorations, we are able to provide our patients with dental fillings that are functional and natural looking.


We will very carefully and gently remove decayed parts of your tooth in exchange for the dental filling. We will try to make the whole process as pain-free as possible and also ensure proper sealing by ensuring there is a proper fit between your upper and lower teeth with the dental filling. This ensures proper occlusion.

Bonding & Composite Resins

Bonding using composite resins is a preferred method of treating a variety of small scale tooth problems such as minor decays, small chips, minor cracks and gaps, discoloration or crooked teeth. This treatment is non-invasive and also looks better as compared to metal fillings or restorations.

The best thing about bonding composite resins is its similarity to your tooth’s natural enamel and the possibility of coloring it in an exact shade to match your teeth.


The procedure for dental bonding using composite resins starts from the application of a mild etching solution to the affected area for restoration purposes. This helps in providing a platform for creating a stronger bond between the tooth and the resin.

Once the solution roughens, the resin is placed on the tooth and treated with a curing light which triggers bonding. The resin is then sculpted to form the desired shape after which it is polished to give it the final touch.

This whole procedure is normally executed within one office visit.