New Patients


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Why Choose Long Ridge Dental?

Allow us to extend our heartfelt welcome to you. The care we offer here is unlike any other you’ve experienced before.

What makes our dental practice unique is our commitment to give you the best in dental care, as we make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Your Initial Visit Checklist

In order to ensure your very first visit is smooth and completely hassle-free, we recommend bringing the following items:

  • Filled out patient paperwork (online form can be downloaded below); if you’d rather fill out this form at our office, please come 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment
  • Dental insurance information (if you have any)
  • A list of questions and any concerns at all you may have, regarding oral hygiene and dental care

It always pays to do some quick preparation in advance.

Expectations on Your Initial Visit

Just to let you know, when you walk through the doors to our facility, your very first visit includes:

  • A careful  look at your medical and dental history
  • Careful review of dental X-rays;  if required we may need to take current x-rays.
  • A thorough and detailed dental  assessment
  • Dental treatment and/or suggestions according to your current dental and oral health
  • Oral cancer test as an added benefit.

Once finished with this initial assessment, your dentist is going to clearly lay out all treatment options in front of you. At this stage, you’ll learn and understand crucial oral hygiene and care tips, even if treatment isn’t needed.

Patient Forms

Paperwork You’ll Need

For your convenience, the New Patient Forms can also be downloaded online, to let you fill them out at your convenience. You’ll save time as you won’t need to arrive ahead of your scheduled appointment just to fill it out.

It also gives you a chance to carefully look at certain policies and/or disclaimers. If you have any concerns at all, you can always add them to item # 3 on the checklist (above). Please note first-time patients need to complete the relevant forms provided below:


Payment Options

Dental PPOs

For the betterment of our patients we are honored to accept the majority of Dental PPOs available. We also process insurance paperwork for our clients. You are requested to bring along your insurance papers or card on your first appointment.  We do not belong to any insurance company and hence we will only focus on your benefit. The mission of our team is to provide our clients with options that can help them to become healthy through preventive care.

However, all of our clients should understand that ultimately they will be responsible for charges of all the services they are opting for. In case your insurance does not cover any predicted costs, you will be viable to pay the uncovered charges.


Get interest-free financing

You can choose to use CareCredit, which is a credit card especially issued for healthcare services. It bears no interest and also has monthly payment based on low interest charges. We help our clients to pay the interest charges so that they do not have to compromise on their health until they have enough money.


Other Payment Options

We strongly make sure to satisfy our clients and help them out in any way possible. Our staff will guide you on all the treatment plans that are not covered by your insurance to ensure you that they will be reasonably priced. We accept all major credit cards (Discover, Visa, MasterCard), check or cash.




We strong believe in the importance of community and hence we are proud to be one of the very few to be certified to accept Medicaid for our clients in Stamford, CT.